Legostand voor iPad Air

When the iPad Air was launched this month, I immediately replaced my old iPad 2 replaced by an Air variant. Wow, what a fast and lightweight iPad this is! Now that I have the iPad Air a while I’m searching for an iPad case. In my search at various stores shows that there are not that many cases yet. In order to already use the iPad at the kitchen table I have made a new iPad stand based on the case that I have for the iPad 2. Of course I made it out of technical Lego. The parts are from the ‘8052 Lego container truck’. Because of that I unfortunately had to break my motorized iPad stand. This Legostand I diddn’t use anymore, actually this one I still use today. I hope to inspire you to also build an ipad stand again! Have fun!

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Lego Technics Bookstand

Here is a cool bookstand out of Lego Technic from one of our fans. He liked the ipad stands and has made one for books, verry impressive. Keep up the good work!

bookstand1 bookstand2 bookstand3

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Simple Clean Legostand

Today I came across a simple Legostand when I was browsing through Flickr. Everyone probably still has these kind of basic bricks laying around to make a Lego stand. It is not adjustable, but it is functional and that’s what makes the difference. Build it now and you have, yet again, just had fun with Lego and in the meantime created a functional Legostand to put your iPad on!

Have you created a nice Lego iPad Stand yourself? Contact us, we’d love to see it!

user created iPad Legostand

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Ultimate remote controlled Legostand!

As already announced, we have been busy expanding the motorized Lego Stand. Here is the result, a fully remote controlled lego stand! Thanks to the LEGO Power Functions we have been able to build it. Enjoy the new movie that we made ​​and we would like to hear what you think of it. To build this model yourself you need this and this.

Remote controlled Remote Controlled Remote Controlled


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What to do with this?

Currently we are working to see what LEGO Power Functions can be added to the ultimate Lego iPad stand. So what would happen if we would add the following items to the stand: IR Remote Control Functions IR Receiver Item 8885 and Item 8884. Then the ultimate stand is completed en you should be able to control it the way you like. Soon to follow….

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Another cool mystand

This week we received another mystand. It was constructed by one of our fans in Singapore. He had the problem that he was one of the first owners of an iPad over there (in June) and he needed a stand. Because the more impressive ones were made with Lego he decided to make a Lego iPad stand himself out of a Lego Fork Lift that was sitting on his shelve collecting dust.

The Lego box he used to build this stand is the ‘8416 Lego Technic Forklift’. This stand is a really cool one. The tillt angle is adjustable with a lever on the back. The construction uses an advanced technique to realize this. The stand also has a sync cable holder on the back and anti-scratch support. The holder has enough room for the sync cable, so you can sync or charge the iPad if it stands in a vertically position in the stand.

We like to thank Dean from Singapore for sending his stand to us and we are curious what you have build, so keep sending your stands to

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Instruction available

Today we present you the building instructions for the Lego ‘Ferrari’ iPad stand. We created it in Lego Digital Designer which is a hell of a job to do. When you use this instruction we would really like to see your end result, so send us your pictures on Of course you can also make a small donation if you like the stand (we’re saving up for Mindstorms!). You can find the instruction here. At the bottom of the post you will find the instruction video.

The other day we got a question about the instructions for the motorized iPad stand. We are still trying to find out if this is even possible in Lego Digital Designer. If it is, we will make this instruction to.

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Lego motorized iPad stand

We’ve created something awesome: a fully motorized Lego iPad stand! We wanted to make an even better stand than we did before and we wanted it to be a little bit over the top. The new iPad stand is, just like our previous stand, completely stepless adjustable. This means you can position the iPad in any position you want. The other good news is that you can build it yourself by just buying a Lego box just introduced by Lego. The box you need to build this Legostand is nr ‘8052 Lego container truck’. This Lego box uses Lego Power functions which make it possible to create a motorized iPad stand. Go and check out the movie and the pictures of this ultimate Lego Ipad stand!

We are very curious what you think of the stand so please leave a comment below! Also we would love to see the pictures If you have created one yourself.

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It’s finished! We worked very hard on finishing our first custom-made Lego iPad stand. We had a couple of things in mind when designing the stand. It must be stepless adjustable. It must have an aesthetically pleasing look and most of all it must be easy and safe to use as an Apple iPad stand. Below we will describe if we have succeeded.
1) Stepless adjustable. Yes, we made a stand that’s stepless adjustable, so you will be able to put the stand in any angle you want. It is easy to adjust with two hands even when the iPad is on the stand!
2) Aesthetical look. Yes, we think we have made an pleasing looking ipad stand that fits in most living rooms. This is mostly done through the use of modern Lego bricks with the soft edges and without the classic Lego connection studs.
3) Easy and safe to use. The iPad stand is solid, it has no risk off falling or gliding of the stand. It also doesn’t harm the iPad, because of the nature of these Lego pieces. Of course you can use the iPad stand both horizontally and vertically.

BONUS, the Lego pieces to build this Legostand are all in one existing box! If you have the 8674 ‘Ferrari F1 Racer 1:18′ box you can build this lovely iPad stand yourself. All the pieces needed are in the box. We are working on a building instruction at the moment, when it is finished it will be available on the site.

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Received our first ‘mystand’

After being online for only a couple of days, we already found the first mail in our inbox with a legostand created by one of our readers. You would almost start to think that Apple overlooked the ‘how to hold you iPad’-issue.

Please feel free to send us your own stand at

Without further ado, here is Albert’s (from The Netherlands) contribution.

Hi Guys,

last month I’ve purchased an Apple iPad and today I stumbled on your website. It was a real feeling of deja-vu: “how do I hold this thing?”. Inspired by your site I went to my parents house, where all my Lego from my childhood is stored, and came up with this stand. The angle is adjustable, but it’s kind of quirky since you take the iPad of the stand. But I must say that it already brought me great pleasure watching podcasts!


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