Lego motorized iPad stand

We’ve created something awesome: a fully motorized Lego iPad stand! We wanted to make an even better stand than we did before and we wanted it to be a little bit over the top. The new iPad stand is, just like our previous stand, completely stepless adjustable. This means you can position the iPad in any position you want. The other good news is that you can build it yourself by just buying a Lego box just introduced by Lego. The box you need to build this Legostand is nr ‘8052 Lego container truck’. This Lego box uses Lego Power functions which make it possible to create a motorized iPad stand. Go and check out the movie and the pictures of this ultimate Lego Ipad stand!

We are very curious what you think of the stand so please leave a comment below! Also we would love to see the pictures If you have created one yourself.

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11 Responses to Lego motorized iPad stand

  1. Dave G says:

    now thats awesome, will there be an instruction for this? i would def want to build one for myself.

  2. arnoudt says:

    We don’t know yet, not all the bricks are in Lego Digital Designer.

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  4. Mac Hoe says:

    At first, I thought it’s an iPad launcher.. lol..

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  8. mike says:

    nice work! i love building LEGO and I’m an iPad user too. an news on the instruction? 🙂

  9. emily says:

    this is really awesome! I’d love to see the instructions and give it a try myself.

  10. Alex says:

    Would love to build this. Please provide instructions please

  11. Julius lp says:

    I will like to have a manual of this model they can send me a

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