’s own iPad stand

It’s finished! We worked very hard on finishing our first custom-made Lego iPad stand. We had a couple of things in mind when designing the stand. It must be stepless adjustable. It must have an aesthetically pleasing look and most of all it must be easy and safe to use as an Apple iPad stand. Below we will describe if we have succeeded.
1) Stepless adjustable. Yes, we made a stand that’s stepless adjustable, so you will be able to put the stand in any angle you want. It is easy to adjust with two hands even when the iPad is on the stand!
2) Aesthetical look. Yes, we think we have made an pleasing looking ipad stand that fits in most living rooms. This is mostly done through the use of modern Lego bricks with the soft edges and without the classic Lego connection studs.
3) Easy and safe to use. The iPad stand is solid, it has no risk off falling or gliding of the stand. It also doesn’t harm the iPad, because of the nature of these Lego pieces. Of course you can use the iPad stand both horizontally and vertically.

BONUS, the Lego pieces to build this Legostand are all in one existing box! If you have the 8674 ‘Ferrari F1 Racer 1:18′ box you can build this lovely iPad stand yourself. All the pieces needed are in the box. We are working on a building instruction at the moment, when it is finished it will be available on the site.

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