Received our first ‘mystand’

After being online for only a couple of days, we already found the first mail in our inbox with a legostand created by one of our readers. You would almost start to think that Apple overlooked the ‘how to hold you iPad’-issue.

Please feel free to send us your own stand at

Without further ado, here is Albert’s (from The Netherlands) contribution.

Hi Guys,

last month I’ve purchased an Apple iPad and today I stumbled on your website. It was a real feeling of deja-vu: “how do I hold this thing?”. Inspired by your site I went to my parents house, where all my Lego from my childhood is stored, and came up with this stand. The angle is adjustable, but it’s kind of quirky since you take the iPad of the stand. But I must say that it already brought me great pleasure watching podcasts!


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  1. Steven says:

    These kind of stands looks good. I’ve got an IPad ordered, once i get it i’ll probably build a legostand too. I’m just a bit afraid the stand will scratch it when used intensively. Is the IPad’s material sturdy enough to withstand?

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