Another cool mystand

This week we received another mystand. It was constructed by one of our fans in Singapore. He had the problem that he was one of the first owners of an iPad over there (in June) and he needed a stand. Because the more impressive ones were made with Lego he decided to make a Lego iPad stand himself out of a Lego Fork Lift that was sitting on his shelve collecting dust.

The Lego box he used to build this stand is the ‘8416 Lego Technic Forklift’. This stand is a really cool one. The tillt angle is adjustable with a lever on the back. The construction uses an advanced technique to realize this. The stand also has a sync cable holder on the back and anti-scratch support. The holder has enough room for the sync cable, so you can sync or charge the iPad if it stands in a vertically position in the stand.

We like to thank Dean from Singapore for sending his stand to us and we are curious what you have build, so keep sending your stands to

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