Legostand voor iPad Air

When the iPad Air was launched this month, I immediately replaced my old iPad 2 replaced by an Air variant. Wow, what a fast and lightweight iPad this is! Now that I have the iPad Air a while I’m searching for an iPad case. In my search at various stores shows that there are not that many cases yet. In order to already use the iPad at the kitchen table I have made a new iPad stand based on the case that I have for the iPad 2. Of course I made it out of technical Lego. The parts are from the ‘8052 Lego container truck’. Because of that I unfortunately had to break my motorized iPad stand. This Legostand I diddn’t use anymore, actually this one I still use today. I hope to inspire you to also build an ipad stand again! Have fun!

P1020137 (640x480) P1020139 (640x480) P1020138 (640x480) P1020141 (640x480) P1020140 (640x480) P1020143 (640x480) P1020142 (640x480) P1020144 (640x480)

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