Design of the iPad holder

Today I am busy with the design of the iPad stand. I have figured out a way to hold the iPad in a firm manner without damaging the iPad. It took me a while to come up with this idea, I want it to be perfect. I have the model in real life now on my desk and I decided to also design the model in de Lego Digital designer ( With this designer it is also possible to generate a building instruction! I will post a building instruction when the stand is finished. The way the iPad holder is designed allows it to be a stepless iPadstand. This is made possible by the two cross axles that go trough the holder structure. Somewhere tomorrow I hope to complete the iPadstand so I can show you the result of the hard work.

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Searching for the right bricks

About now I have the design of the Legostand I would like to create in my head. Now it’s time to go to the attic and find the right bricks. As said in the previous post I would like to make the stand out of Lego Technic bricks. To help me with my search I sent some Lego mini figures out there to search for me and they came up with something I could really use. The old Ferrari formula 1 box came up and this box just might have the bricks I need. The box I am talking about is the 8674 ‘Ferrari F1 Racer 1:18. Stay tuned, it’s building time!

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I have my iPad now a couple of months and I really love the device. When I first opened the box of the iPad I really had a WOW moment. So slick, so fast in comparison to my iPhone 3G and the iPad is also very beautiful. I soon noticed something annoying. The iPad is a bit heavy and after an hour or so you have the need to put the iPad down because your arms are getting tired. But you really don’t want to quit because you like it so much. So after an hour I was at Google searching for an iPad stand. All the iPad stands I could find where either very expensive or on the other hand not the one’s I was looking for. I noticed that all the stand weren’t stepless adjustable, this is a big downside because of the different positions you would like the iPad to be in. If you browse the web for instance you would like your iPad in a different position than when you what’s a movie or podcast. I came with the idea to create an iPad stand of my own that is stepless adjustable, that’s when the Lego came in to the picture. I have always been a big Lego fan so a have a lot of Lego on the attic. A lot of my old Lego are the old fasion bricks, but I have a couple of newer boxes with Technic Lego. The Technic Lego is the Lego I would like to use to build an iPad stand. So now it’s time to find the right bricks that could do the job.

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